What are the requirements to be a broker in Texas?


To become a licensed real estate broker in Texas, you must meet certain education requirements. Aspiring brokers are required to complete a minimum of 900 classroom hours of approved real estate courses. These courses cover various topics such as real estate principles, finance, law, contracts, and agency.


In addition to the educational requirements, you must also gain practical experience to qualify for a broker's license. The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires a minimum of four years of active experience as a licensed sales agent or broker during the five years preceding the application.


After fulfilling the education and experience requirements, you need to pass the Texas Real Estate Broker Exam. The exam consists of national and state-specific questions to assess your knowledge of real estate principles, practices, and laws. It is essential to study thoroughly and prepare for the exam to increase your chances of success.

Additional Requirements

Aside from the educational, experience, and exam requirements, there are a few additional prerequisites to become a licensed broker in Texas. These include being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma or equivalent, and being a legal U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted alien.

Continuing Education

Once you obtain your broker's license, it is crucial to keep up with continuing education requirements. Texas requires brokers to complete 18 hours of continuing education every two years to maintain their license. This education helps brokers stay updated on changes in real estate laws, industry practices, and professional development opportunities.

For more information about the complete requirements to be a broker in Texas, you can visit the official website of the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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